This is a soldier's Dacha, Russian for a summer house! Having acquired this property set in the beautiful and amazing settings of Parvati Valley in HP, we have decided to undo the injustice to the little jewel. Only 'summer'....unfair; it is an all seasons love affair instead. Every day of every season and every spell of every kind of weather is different and on a given day and at a given moment, the place holds more than one set of experiences for different persons.

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We run a home-stay facility and unlike a typical hotel, our approach is guided more by affection and care rather monetary equations and returns.

Things to Do

With no TVs and minimal internet coverage, we would like our guests to simply take a break from the maddening routines that most of you may be following in daily lives.In addition, the following optional activities may be undertaken:-


We have an in-house kitchen that dishes out basic home cooked food for our guests. All meals and snacks and beverages are served inside the rooms as well as on the terrace without any extra charges or any frown on our faces.


If you are travelling by direct bus to Manikaran, you won't need pick up or drop service.
If, however, you are arriving and departing from Bhuntar or elsewhere in Kullu-Manali Valley,
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Travelling, meeting people- both friends and strangers- and sharing stories over cups of tea or glasses of spirits, have been upmost on our list of things that we love to do. Having wandered practically every nook and cranny of our great land and many places beyond national geographical boundaries, we opted to set ourselves to tinker with the inter-se priorities between travelling and meeting people. Our Dacha, in addition to being a dream coming true, has now become the main tool to execute the change in the priorities.

We would love to hear from you and if you decide to take a risk, we would tell our stories from the years gone by and from the folk lore that rides the breeze in Parvati Valley. We would be in touch before you arrive and we shall keep the strings loosely connected even after you have left. In between, ie when you are here, we would meet, sit and talk if convenient to you and if we are not out, in pursuit of the second thing that we want to do- travel, ie! To enable you to spend quality time with your folks, we would be happy just saying hello and moving on. In this soldier's house, no hard and fast rule on interaction is applicable.